About Me

Md. Ruhul Amin
Senior UX Engineer
Email: ruhul100@gmail.com
Mobile: +8801729521566
Dhaka, Bangladesh
LinkedIn: https://bd.linkedin.com/pub/ruhul-amin/44/11b/297

Professional Summary
Secure a challenging position within progressive organization, where I can utilize my experience, technical skills and creativity.
›› Currently working as a Sr. UX Engineer at BrainStation-23 Ltd.
›› 5+ years of working experience in the tech industry
›› Expert level skills in HTML, CSS
›› Experience with less or sass frameworks
›› Solid command of responsive layouts

Specialties Area
• Web development (Frontend/UI)
• Responsive Web Design
• CSS Popular Frameworks (Twitter Bootstrap 3, Foundation 5, HTML5 Boilerplate)
• LESS, SASS Preprocessor
• CSS3 Animation
• Flex and Grid system
• Typography
• UX/Usability
• Email Template
• Cross Browser Compatibility IE, FF, Chrome, Safari
• CSS Sprite
• W3C validated Table-less
• SEO based Semantic Markup
• Javascript/jQuery
• Clean and Hand coding
• Fast and highest quality

Work Experience
Company Name: Brain Station 23
Position: UX Engineer (July 2012 – Continue)

Project Name: Restricted
Front end Technology : HTML5, CSS3, SASS, Twitter Bootstrap 3, Responsive Design etc.
Responsibilities :
• Lead the UI part on Team.
• Use twitter bootstrap 3.
• Use SASS for custom design.
• Responsive design.
• Support Cross-browsers.
• Implementation Instruction design and visual design to the solution.
• Follow Stand Up meeting daily with team
• Sprint Planning, Retrospective meeting

Project Name: Splash360 (sub version: Leadspleaseplus, MDA)
Front end Technology: HTML5, CSS3, LESS, CSS Sprite, Responsive Design & Email Template, jQuery etc.
• Lead the UI department on Team.
• Taking care all sorts of creative and thematic work/development.
• HTML5, CSS3, jQuery coding.
• Fixing Cross-browsing issues.
• Pixel Perfect Conversion.
• Web based software development (Front-end).
• Daily report preparation for project updates.

Project Name: Paypal Billpay(POC)
Front end Technology: XHTML, CSS, CSS Sprit, jQuery, jQuery UI etc.
• Worked UI part in Team.
• Extensive use of CSS Sprit.
• Fixing Cross-browsing issues.
• Daily report preparation for project updates.

Recommendations in Linkedin

  • Md Zahiduzzaman Project Manager at Brain Station-23

    “I directly managed Ruhul for two years and I think he is a skilled designer. He has extensive knowledge on both style and markup. He was a great addition to the team with proper knowledge and experience and very helpful to fellow colleagues. I will always recommend him for any complex or composite web design. Best wishes for him”

    February 16, 2017, Md managed Ruhul directly

  • Wasiqul Islam Senior Software Engineer at Orion Informatics Ltd

    “Mr. Ruhul is very dedicated and expert on Front End development. He is able to solve all kinds of UI related problem within short time. He is very helpful with co-worker. I wish him every success in his life!”

    June 4, 2015, Wasiqul worked directly with Ruhul at Brain Station-23

  • Asheq Bin Mazib Forhad Sr. Software Engineer at manulife technology & services sdn bhd, Malaysia

    “Ruhul is the Guru of CSS and talented UI/UX designer and ever resourceful team member. He continually impressed to me with his creativity. He has a drive and focus that is reflected in the quality with pixel perfection and usability standards. Ruhul goes above and beyond his role to facilitate best practices within the creative and supporting teams. I’ve had the pleasure of worked with him! :)”

    April 16, 2015, Asheq Bin worked directly with Ruhul at Brain Station-23

  • Mohammad Syedur Rahman Associate System Consultant at Manulife Technology & Services Sdn Bhd

    “Mr. Ruhul Amin is a great UI/UX developer as well as very valuable team member. He works with great efficiency and perfection. We worked together in a same project for long term with lots of fun and enjoy with UI/UX tips and tricks. I wish him all the success in life.”

    August 19, 2014, Mohammad Syedur worked directly with Ruhul at Brain Station-23

  • Maksudun Nazat Software Quality Assurance Engineer

    “Ruhul is a very dynamic UI expert. He has extensive knowledge on markup and css design. We worked together in couple of projects having lots of fun and enjoyed with markup/css twig and tricks. He is a very friendly person and good team member as well. I will always recommend him for any complex or composite web UI. My best wishes to him.”

    February 7, 2014, Maksudun worked directly with Ruhul at Brain Station-23

  • Md. Ziaul Haq Sr.JavaScript Developer (AngularJS, jQuery, NodeJS) at Upwork Global Inc

    “Ruhul is very quick learner, had strong knowledge in UI. He has very is jQuery as well. You can rely on him after giving any task. Wish him best luck in career.”

    October 25, 2013, Md. Ziaul managed Ruhul at Liveoutsource Ltd.

  • Md. Sabur Khan (Magento Expert) eCommerce Website Developer and Consultant

    “Ruhul Amin is a great UI expert. He is a very dedicated, passionate, hard worker and very helpful. He knows all latest UI technologies well. I learned different UI technique from him. I wish his success in web development career.”

    July 12, 2013, Md. Sabur Khan worked directly with Ruhul at Liveoutsource Ltd.

  • Salim Sazzad Ecommerce Specialist at Liveoutsource Ltd.

    “Ruhul vai is a great UI developer. He is a very passionate, dedicated, hardworking man. I really enjoyed working with him. He is able to pick up complex things very quickly.I always wish his success.”

    July 12, 2013, Salim worked directly with Ruhul at Liveoutsource Ltd.

  • Md. Hasenur Rahman Head Of Operations

    “It is a distinct pleasure to recommend one of the best UI developer in our team.
    Ruhul Amin is an outstanding UI Developer who continuously exceeds the expectations set for his position. Ruhul Amin willingly accepts challenging assignments and offers to contribute where ever he can. Ruhul Amin has demonstrated excellent programming and analytical skills which are very essential to address the constantly evolving client’s business requirements. The best thing I noticed in him is his insatiable zeal to learn latest technical skills, technology stacks and tools and offer better solutions.”

    December 19, 2012, Md. Hasenur managed Ruhul at Liveoutsource Ltd.

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